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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 30, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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and military very closely, but the yemeni services and americans have the capability. so, we did it. we did it in cooperation with them and the fact that they get credit for making it joint. for permitting u.s. action and working cooperatively. >> fran townsend, thanks for being with us this morning and walking us through all of this. a big morning for breaking news. we'll throw to atlanta now, kyra phillips, take it away. >> thanks, ladies. the biggest blow to al qaeda since the killing of osama bin laden, and it may be just as devastating to the terror group. yemen says that american-born muslim cleric anwar al awlaki is dead. he was dubbed the new been lauden and the bin laden of the internet. the u.s. says he was a master of online recruiting and finding and motivating new radicals to kill americans around the world. al awlaki is linked to a number of attacks. he was a spiritual adviser to
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three of the 9/11 hijackers and had communicated frequently the american accused of a deadly shooting free at ft. hood and also linked to the so-called underwear bomber in 2009 and the attempted car bomber of times square last year. an extraordinary development and we mobilized cnn correspondents around the world to cover this breaking news story for us from the pentagon to istanbuistanbul. it's hard to indicate just how important al awlaki was to the organization, but here's a frightening reality. he may be more dangerous dead. that's exactly what our nic robertson has been covering to this point. let's go straight to you. what exactly do you know with regard to how he was targeted and is it possible to give credit to an agency at this point? >> well, i think what we just heard from fran townsend perhaps nails it down very well. that is that it can't be nailed
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down because nobody wants to go on the record. the past track record, however, of against al awlaki in may this year was credited to the united states, to a drone strike. missile bumped off the fender of his car as he made a get away. politically sensitive. right now the president does not need the united states to announce that it manned and mounted an attack on his territory. the country is teetering on the verge of civil war. that would aid his enemies. and right now he wants the support of the united states, certain lly doesn't want this st of information out there. as far as we know at the moment, it was a strike. most likely, however, the united states has the technology and most likely a drone strike that could monitored al aw lalaki. >> if you say this could actually aid the enemies, should
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we prepare ourselves for much more violence in his country? what are you predicting here? could this start to become even worse than what we've seen thus far? >> when we were in yemen just a few months ago, the vice president told us in an interview, an exclusive interview that al qaeda already has control of three provinces in yemen. they're taking advantage of the security situation there. the government has pulled a lot of its troops, better troops, not all of them, but a lot of them back to the capital to try to secure its grip on the capital of the country. and that leaves them weak in other areas. the country is absolutely poise for a much wider scale launch. the president refuses to step down. you have armed tribesmen in the capital and significant factions that have been loyal to the president in terms of military and political have broken away from him and you have large street demonstrations calling for his overthrow. it is a very precarious situation. one that al qaeda is exploiting
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and not just awlaki was a danger to the united states, but the bombmaker who made the bomb and made the printer bomb, both efforts to bring down airlines over the united states last year and the year before, is still on the loose in yemen. is still making bombs there. so, there are many threats that al qaeda is trying to exploit that the president is trying to keep a lid on all of this and, at the same time, the united states really looking after its own interests here, which is making sure that awlaki and others like him cannot pose a threat. >> nic robertson, we'll talk more throughout the morning. thanks. we'll continue to look at al awlaki's new role a martyr for the cause. now, the killing of this american cleric has received a swift praise from the democrat who chairs the house committee on homeland security. peter king says in a statement, "for the past several years, al awlaki has been more dangerous
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even than osama bin laden had been." a tremendous tribute to president obama and the men and women of our intelligence community. one of the first questions asked when news of al awlaki's death crossed our wires what, if any involvement, had the united states had in this operation. barbara starr working the angle to that story. barbara, you and i remember covering general putray tras when he was upping the drone strikes in that country and now that awlaki is taken out, he is now the director of the cia. you wonder about the timing and the correlation here. >> well, david petraeus director of cia isn't talking, that's for sure. right now, kyra, it is only anonymous administration officials who decline to be identified because of the sense sie senseativity of the situation that were saying, yes, awlaki was killed.
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it raises fascinating questions on how the u.s. might have known so early on with such certainty that this man was killed if the u.s. wasn't involved in it. now, yemeni official also declining to be identified is telling cnn, "that it was a successful joint intelligence sharing operation. between yemen and the united states that resulted in this." so, this is now additional word we are getting that u.s. intelligence possibly some u.s. military involvement in this. we know that u.s. troops have been in and out of yemen conducting training with yemeni forces. we know that the cia and the u.s. military have had very active involvement in trying to track down anwar al awlaki over the years. why might it be so sensitive, of course, to come out in public and just say that u.s. operatives did this? well, awlaki, of course, is an american citizen and the u.s. finds itself in somewhat of a
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delicate international position of explaining why it killed an american citizen abroad. but it has long been said that there was a killer/capture order on awlaki and it looks now that the u.s. was very involved, according to administration officials in getting him at the end. kyra? >> barbara starr from the pentagon, thanks. let's talk more with fran townsend. she was a homeland security adviser to former president george w. bush. fran, just going back, i wanted to double check on what has been said over the past say year or two. and this talk about who is involved and how exactly al awlaki was killed. the national security council, according to reports that came out more than a year ago, did say to the cia, you can target this american. go after him. you know, the threats are clear
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and we are giving you approval. so, what is your take? how involved do you think the cia was in this operation? >> i don't think the yemen officials had the capability to do this on their own. i thought since early this morning that it had to have had some support from american officials and i think what you just heard from barbara that it was an acknowledgment. a joint intelligence sharing operation. no way that yemen intelligence had the capability to actually develop the information necessary to target in a physical way for a kill operation as we see happen. the next question becomes if they were sharing intelligence, what role did americans play in the actual operation itself? we know that the u.s. government attempted a gun strike on awlaki in the past year and going back to the bushed a ninstrati ed ad there was a drone strike going several years back. we know the u.s. has operated drones in yemen, presumably with the permission of the yemeni
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government, but it is politically sensitive and you could understand if the u.s. was looking to sort of hide their role and give credit to the yemenis at this point. >> you actually met with him and talked to him specifically about awlaki? >> i was in the white house from 2003 until january of '08 and go to the region three, four times a year and almost each time that i was in the region i would stop and see sahla. one thing i discussed with him was our desire to either capture or interrogate al awlaki. remember, he is a dual u.s./yemeni citizen. even if we captured him for you, we could not extradite him under our constitution. he would not even give us access. he was a teacher at a university and we knew when we shared with him that he was ralicalizing
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people we were afraid would ultimately be deployed to attack the united states. >> a tremendous coup this morning. fran, we'll talk a lot more throughout the morning, as well. you know, the death of this terror leader is making headlines worldwide. our zain verjee is following that for us in london. what exactly is the international reaction you start to comb through it all this morning, zain? >> hi, kyra. good morning. let's look at the guardian here in the uk is saying. this is the headline it has. "anwar al awlaki's death is a blow to al qaeda, but his message is still alive." it says, "though his own importance within al qaeda can be exaggerated, the demise of the american-yemeni will nonetheless have significant consequences." "assassinated cleric awlaki a charismatic."
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he could spread a call to arms both in elegant arabic and colooquial english. this was a guy who was very internet savvy. he could get his message across. many people thought he was a very inspirational figure among his own crowds and people would really flock to buy his message that were on boxes of dvds. even here in london people would line-up just to listen to his message. kyra? >> zain verjee out of london. stay with cnn this morning and throughout the day as we push forward on this story bringing you the latest details in the death of this muslim cleric. a live report just minutes away, stay tuned. well, our new poll shows that most americans are blaming the former president, not the current one, for the nation's economic troubles. cnn political editor mark preston has the numbers. good morning, mark. >> hey, good morning, kyra. let's just look at the top line
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number and to say that americans have a bleak outlook on what the economy could be kind. let's take a look at it right now. really devastating numbers right now. 90% of americans, kyra, think that the economy is in poor shape. we shouldn't be too surprised by this given the economic todowntn and housing crisis. this could be devastating for president obama as he heads into his re-election campaign heading into 2012 but the silver lining in this is what you said at the top. he's not getting blamed for it. the blame still rests with republicans and former president george w. bush. in fact, if you see that, more than 50% are blaming president bush in the congressional republicans while only 32% are blaming president obama and the democrats. so, terrible news about the economy, not great news for president obama, but could be worse, kyra. >> before we head to arizona, cnn has a presidential debate on
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the las vegas strip. this could get a little crazy, to say the least. >> we're heading out west and heading out to arizona on december 1st for a big debate. was just announced late yesterday with the arizona republican party. but before we get out there, we'll head to las vegas. we'll have a presidential debate on the las vegas strip, whoever thought that would happen. with the western republican leadership conference. look, the west is very important in this presidential election, that's why cnn decided to go out there and hold debates out there and talk about issues that really are affecting people all across the country and that comes down to the economy and the housing market. kyra? >> mark preston, thanks so much. we'll have your next political update in about an hour. a reminder for all the latest political news go to our website, more on the killing of anwar al awlaki. the feds never did convince his family that he was a bad guy. more on their views, next. for the second time this month good samaritans caught on
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tape lifting a car off of someone trapped. this time the victim, a little boy.
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let's check stories across country now. take a look at the billboard and signs that are garnering a lot of controversy in new orleans right now. they portray president obama in very unflattering terms and they have drawn dozens of protesters who want the signs taken down. the property owner who put the signs up, guess what, not talking. police in boca raton, florida, released this dash cam
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video of a 6-year-old boy. he got pinned under this car wednesday morning after he tripped and fell right into the path of the car. officers and bystanders literally lifted the car and pulled him to safety. the boy is expected to make a full recovery. and saggy pants ban beginning to add up for the city coughers. in the 9 months since the ban was instituted the city has collected almost 4,000 bucks in fines. what is attractive about that? let's get back to our breaking news. the killing of the radical cleric anwar al awlaki, one of the world's most wanted man but his family insisted that he was wrongly accused of terrorism. in an interview with paula newton, his son called his son, an all-american boy. paula, give us more insight into this family. >> well, this family was like many others who had come to the united states hoping for a new life. he was educated in the united states and born there. as i have been saying, kyra, his
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family showed me pictures of the family at disney world and anwar had the twinkle in his eye. always happy, easy going young man. when you try to get to what turned his son towards being radical and radical preacher and that his father did not deny. what he would deny is insist that killing innocent americans was justified. now, any time that anwar al awlaki his father was like any other anguished father. he did not understand what turned his son in this direction. he said that after 9/11 he was appalled and wanted to try to do something to bring the two communities together but something about prosecuting the war on terror did turn him into more radical thinking. what this father, though, what he had said to me over and over was that he did not believe that it was right. that the united states acgo after his son, an american. he said he thought that was
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wrong. to capture him, try him, talk to him about his beliefs was a different story, but he always thought it was wrong that he actually assassinated by the u.s. government. >> now, paula, you had a chance to talk to the family, what was it, back in january, the beginning of the year. have you been able to reconnect with them since this news has broken? >> the last contact i had with them was about eight or nine months ago. i was trying to reconnect with them. e-mailing the sister and calling the father, they're not responding. we're still trying to get in touch with them. the campaign in the last few months always involved trying to get the u.s. government to stop these drone attacks on their son. this is a grandfather who was taken care of anwar's children at home and his wife was there. he always said it was his own wife, anwal al awlaki's mother who wanted this to end. he didn't want anyone talking to the media and really not have
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anyone to know what was going on with their son. remember, kyra, as you know, quite the amount of chaos in yemen today. that family has been going through that, as well. >> paula newton, appreciate you. after the break, the latest on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. a key witness testified conrad murray told him to pack up drug vials before calling 911. live to l.a. also, bank fees becoming the norm these days, but even this one will shock you. a $5 fee just to use your debit card. we'll go to the new york stock exchange for more details. 'cause a lot of their packaging contains recycled materials. tell them what else fedex does. well we're now using more electric trucks and lower emission planes. we even offer a reusable envelope. now, can't we at least print on the back sides of used paper? what's the executive compensation list...? [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions.
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well, more testimony against
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michael jackson's dr. conrad murray. a body guard says that as jackson was dying dr. murray directed him to pack up drugs before calling 911. prosecutors claim it's evidence that murray was trying to cover up his actions. cnn's don lemon covering the trial. he's just live outside the courthouse there in l.a. don, tell us more about the testimony. >> listen, so much time is lost. that's what we learned during the testimony yesterday. so much time was lost. it's so sad. we were hearing about michael jackson's kids being in the room. that head logistics of security said when he finally got up to the room, paris, the daughter of michael jackson, followed him in and he tried to get her away because he didn't want her to see it. take a listen. >> paris screamed out, daddy. when you heard paris scream out, daddy, was she crying? >> yes, sir. >> was michael laying on the bed
9:24 am
palms up looking slightly to the left at that time? >> yes, he was. >> would he have been looking slightly towards paris' location? >> yes, sir. >> so after that, a while after that, he got into the room and saw conrad murray with one hand doing chest compressions on michael jackson and he said, instead of calling 911, he feels now he didn't know it then, that dr. conrad murray was trying to get him to clean up the evidence. here he is. >> i was standing at the foot of the bed. he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and then he reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> he just didn't say put these in a bag, they said dr. conrad murray grabbed the vials and said, give me that plastic bag. when he put the vials in that plastic bag, put that plastic
9:25 am
bag in a brown grocery bag and then put it in a blue bag. all the while, critical moments are being lost that could have been the paramedics could have been there helping michael jackson, helping to revive michael jackson. as i'm sitting in the courtroom i'm looking over at the jackson family who is sitting just to my right and they're stunned by all the time that was lost and stunned by what the prosecution is really inferring here that dr. conrad murray was trying to cover his tracks, kyra. today we're going to hear from two paramedics that were there at the scene, more dramatic testimony and more heart wrenching, heart wrenching moments, i'm sure, for the jackson family to have to endure. >> i think all of us will be stunned as we learn more about michael jackson's personal life throughout this trial. don lemon live out of l.a., thanks. a new round of bank fees. alison kosik at new york stock exchange. they just don't stop, do they? >> they just don't get it, do
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they? if you want it use your bank of america debit card to buy something, guess what, you'll be charged $5 a month. it doesn't matter if you select that credit at the check out instead of choosing debit. no way to get around it. keep in mind, though, even though this is a debit card that you'll be charged on, if you just use it as an atm card, it will be free. now, several other banks. they're testing it out, but the difference here is that bank of america is the first major bank to actually do it because these new regulations kick in this weekend where banks can't charge retailers as much in fees. so, they have to make it up somehow. they're going to stick it to the consumer beginning next year. kyra? >> all right, now, i hear there are some pretty notable folks ringing the opening bell today, what's the deal? >> you got it. legendary investor warren buffett is ringing the opening bell and celebrating the 50th anniversary of business wire, a subsidiary of berkshire hathaway. i'll talk with him on the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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we'll talk about the business and the economy. as for the market today, a lower open in three minutes when the opening bell rings. this will follow what the global markets did. what you're seeing is markets just continue to be plagued with insecurity about europe's debt crisis. the big question that everybody wants answered, will europe's bailout fund be enough? no one can really answer that at this point. that uncertainty pointing to red arrows today. kyra. >> okay, alison kosik from new york stock exchange. opening bill in just about 2:30. the killing of al qaeda leader anwar al awlaki. he is even more dangerous as a martyr. the pretty frightening consequences of his killing. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it.
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checking top stories now, italian prosecutors in the amanda knox appeal. the jury is expected to get the case after knox and her co-defendant give their final statements monday. admiral mike mullein steps down this morning. martin dempsey will take over
9:31 am
after a ceremony in ft. mier, virginia. work is going on at the washington monument to repair damage. they have been propelling down the monument for days now looks for any exterior damage. it may be the biggest blow to the terrorist group since the killing of osama bin laden. american-born muslim cleric was taken out in yemen and in recent months dubbed the new bin laden and bin laden of the internet. he was a master of online recruiting. awlaki is linked to a number of attacks. he was a spiritual adviser to three of the 9/11 hijackers and communicated frequently with the american accused of the deadly shooting spree at ft. hood. he is also linked to the underwear bomber in 2009 and the attempted car bombing in times square last year. he had been targeted in several
9:32 am
air strikes over the past several years, but there was some concern among analysts that could he be more dangerous dead than alive. a view that drew griffin has reported on extensively. drew joins us on the phone to talk more about that belief. what is the take this morning from your sources? >> overall, the u.s. government felt it had no choice, kyra. that is because in the last two years since the middle of 2010, this guy has gone from being the spiritual or religious kind of radical cleric who recruits people online to becoming much more operational, deeply involved in pellaattacks and mo recently, i think, was the attempt to put a carg oo bomb o some planes heading to the u.s. for a long time there was a concern that if the u.s. attacked and killed a religious figure, especially one so
9:33 am
popular as awlaki, he could become somewhat of a spiritual martyr in that absurd world of terrorism. so y know th so, i know the administration had to come to grips with that. it is not worth it, we need to take this guy out because he is such a growing operational danger. >> and it's interesting, so many analysts have said, look, this was not the fierce fighter that carried the ak-47, but this was the one that did such a good job with propaganda, with bending the minds of young americans, young canadians and recruiting them to kill americans. you know, what was it about him, drew? >> well, he was american. he was the american in al qaeda. he spoke the language. not only was he born in the united states, he was raised here. he was an american kid. so he really was able to reach out, you know, almost be the cool kid from america amongst the al qaeda people and was able to reach those home-grown
9:34 am
terrorists that we have seen, especially this nidal hasan in ft. hood, texas, on their level. on their american level. and he was quite cheeky about it. in the early goings, just so your viewers know, he wouldn't necessarily say nidal hasan go take a gun and kill people in ft. hood. no, they would come to him and say, what is the right thing to do and then he'd cherry pick something from the koran and say you have to follow your heart. you know, the whole thing would be like a spiritual brain washing. but what happened in 2010 changed. he became less spiritual, more operational. and the intelligence, i think, that we will see coming out and some of it has already come out, he is directly involved in plotting and carrying out attacks, e-mailing members who work for airlines. what do you do? what kind of access do you have?
9:35 am
he was becoming much more dangerous in an operational sense and i think that's why the obama administration basically put him on the hit list. >> drew, thanks for calling in, drew. appreciate it. it's been more than a year and a half since president obama authorized the cia to capture or kill awlaki. a remarkable, unprecedented order, take out a u.s. citizen on foreign soil. dan lothian at the white house, so, dan, what are you hearing this morning? >> well, look, the white house is being very tight lipped about any involvement from the u.s., either directly or indirectly in the operation that killed al awlaki other than a senior official confirming that he was dead. but as you point out, you know, this is a target that the u.s. has been going after now for quite some time. it's very politically sensitive for this administration to sort of talk about this in a public way before they kind of figure out all the details behind the
9:36 am
scenes. i can tell you that the president will be making some remarks today. at 11:30, we are told, at this event which is for the chief, his change of officer for his joint chiefs. we don't know if the president will specifically address this issue. that's what we're trying to figure out. the president, though, making remarks on an unrelated matter, but we're trying to find out, again, if the president will talk about this. once again, also, trying to confirm if, in fact, the u.s. played any kind of role in awlaki's death. whether directly or indirectly. >> you mention politically sensitive, but we saw what happened when osama bin laden was captured and how the numbers bumped tremendously for the president. this is another coup for the administration if, indeed, they come forward and say, look, we had our hands all over this. >> this is, obviously, would be a very big deal for this administration. i mean, time and time again
9:37 am
officials here at the white house have talked about the ongoing threat from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they've been going after these targets for the last few years with even drone attacks. so, yes, this would be a big deal for this administration and we heard a short time ago from senator susan collins of maine, the ranking republican on the homeland security and governmental affairs committee and she said in a statement, in part, al awlaki fueled hate against america and we're safer because al awlaki is dead. we must continue our efforts to combat the ideology he disseminated. if the president does specifically address this, we expect him to make similar remarks where he talks bout the ongoing effort to stamp out terrorism where something like this is not the end, but part of a continuing effort. >> dan lothian at the white house, dan, thanks so much. let's head over to our
9:38 am
washington bureau. peter bergen our national security expert is there. resident expert on all things al qaeda, that's for sure. peter, what is next? what kind of impact do you think this will have as we talked about this youtube jihadeist, incredible recruiter via the internet. what kind of impact will this make pulling in young cumadians and young americans like he did so well? >> the reason we're talking about awlaki at all, he's an americ american. he wouldn't be that significant a figure in al qaeda or even al qaeda and arabian peninsula, he's not the leader of that group, he's not the bombmaker that got the underwear bomb on the flight. he's not the maker who put the two bombs in 2010.
9:39 am
the bombmaker is still out there, which is sort of government shorthand for al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. the leaders of this group is still out there and the fact that he's no longer with us certainly makes everybody safer. >> does it weaken the recruiting? how much of an impact, peter? >> he's had a long record of almost near misses and eventually he'll get some very hard to detect bomb on to an american plane or western plane somewhere. >> you are making the point he wasn't the bombmaker and this isn't the guy you see holding the ak-47 in all the videos. he was the supreme recruiter, as he's been referred to. how much of an impact does taking al awlaki out, the fact that he's gone now, how much of an impact will that have on recruiting young radicals? >> i think it's going to be, you know, he was the principal recruiter in the english-speaking world.
9:40 am
whether it's united states or canada or britain. certainly he was able to speak to people who are motivated by this ideology. having him gone, leon panetta the secretary of defense before he became secretary of defense said al qaeda was closer to strategic defeat and i think this is one more piece of that fact that al qaeda and its affiliates are under enormous pressure right now. and, kyra, one quick thing about this operation in yemen, it defies logic that the military that is responsible for this. they have quite a lot of other things going on. two civil wars and internal insurrection against the government. all these operations are conducted, in my view, by joint special operations and u.s. navy ce seals to some degree and as this story sort of goes forward, we'll find out the fact that the yemeni government took credit for it.
9:41 am
you know, it's not the whole story. >> yeah, i agree. we are going to see a lot more, i think, come out in the days. maybe today. peter bergen, thank so much. stay with cnn this morning and throughout the day as we push forward bringing you the latest details in the death of radical muslim cleric anwar al awlaki. did baby boomers break our government?
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
all week we have gone in depth on our broken government. what has gone why and why. baby boomers to blame. reuben navarrette. a lot of his friends political staffers and run campaigns and even been elected to office themselves. they know what works in government and what doesn't. reuben joins us live from san diego.
9:45 am
we probably should start boomers versus generation x and that leads us into the point of your column. >> absolutely, kyra. great to be with you. i normally send my column to cnn at noon on wednesday and i scheduled a meeting with a couple of authors on unrelated subject and the authors are wingrad and michael hayes and they have written a book called millennial momentum. the generational change of younger voters. i sat down with them and i said what are you working on for cnn? i said broken government. we'll tell you why government is broken. the baby boomers have broken the government. i said, explain that. where it comes from, you have this idea that baby boomers have throughout their life argued over valus and they always think it's not enough for you and i to disagree, but you are a better person than you are. so on every issue whether it's deficit reduction or fixing social security or immigration reform, it's always a question
9:46 am
of, you know, i'm better off than you are, i'm a better person than you are. remember the debate with rick perry where he gets into it on immigration and he says to his opponent, you don't have a heart. that is in the mindset, i'm a better person than you are. that was out there and i talked before to younger people and they came up with a whole different set of reasons, theories as to why government is broken. >> then, it's the xers that you talk to that triggered what you laid out in the column. i picked a couple of them. one, constant ned to fund-raise. look dialling for dollars means more to them than solving the nation's problems. >> right. they don't have time, members of congress don't have time to do anything else. we force them to run for office every two years. you need $2 million to $3 million in these districts, some districts are even higher. down to $1 million in some other markets and they raise all this money and give 80% off to media
9:47 am
and buy television and radio time and mailers and the like to get their message out. so, all this time is spent raising money. they constantly need money and they don't have time to legislate. >> which leads me to another point that you make in there. xers say powerful special interests are to blame. those who run for congress think they have all this power and then they win the seat and th k think. >> the distinguished gentleman with eddie murphy. he gets elected to congress. if you vote for our bill this way, you get money from this group. if you vote that way, you get money from that group. these special interests know how to push the points and they know where the points are. so, no matter what the issue is, it's health care reform or whatever, they can be guaranteed to get money from one group or another. it's not the congressmen who have money at all, but the people who fill their pockts and know where to push. >> i definitely encourage
9:48 am
everyone to read your op-ed as you lay out a number of points. i wish we could go more in depth, ruben, but you continue to hit it on the head as we wrap up the week talking about our broken government. you can read his op-ed at and join the conversation and leave a comment for ruben. you can imagine all the people that have already weighed in. this billboard is not on fire. we probably need to tell you to several people in georgia who called 911, don't do it. we'll explain what this means as we go across country.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
stories across country now. a billboard north of atlanta is catching a lot of people's eyes, maybe for the wrong reason. several people called 911 to report a fire they can spotted smoke coming from a outback steak house ad. the ad agency installed smoke machines to actually simulate the look of a wood-burning grill. in tennessee, members of an islamic center have broken ground for a new mosque been the center of controversy. the congregation endured acts of vandalism and arson. construction is expected to take about a year. in florida, 20 high school football players were suspended for this brawl that broke out during the handshakes after a game last weekend. usually a time to show good sportsmanship. witnesses say an argument between two players actually escalated into a brawl that lasted about 15 minutes. it has been up and down all morning, a quick check of the markets next. dow industrials down 125 points
9:52 am
now. plus, baseball's playoffs start today, but the buzz is about a team that didn't get in. boston manager, well, he may be out of a job. sports in six minutes. is a top priority, leasinfas 'cause without the fans, there'd be no nascar. just like if it weren't for customers, there'd be no nationwide. that's why they serve their customers' needs, not shareholder profits. because as a mutual, nationwide doesn't report to wall street, they report to their customers. and that's just one more reason why the earnhardt family has trusted nationwide for more than 30 years. nationwide is on your side.
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9:54 am
stories making news later today, 11 a.m. eastern, fort meyer, virginia, admiral mike mullin officially steps away as chairman of joint chiefs of staff n little rock, arkansas, secretary of state hillary clinton takes part in a dedication ceremony at the clinton presidential center. tonight at 7 p.m. eastern in providence, rhode island, first lady michelle obama speaks at a democratic national committee
9:55 am
reception. check in with alison kosik the new york stock exchange with the numbers this morning. how are we doing? we still in negative territory? >> kara, we are. have you noticed we have kind of gotten back onto that roller coaster ride lately in the past week, the dow made trim-digit moves in either direction every day this week, including today. we watched the dow fall 100 points in the first few minutes of trading. what you are seeing is the u.s. markets follow what happened overseas. overseas, we saw a selloff. what is this about? more fears about europe and seeing a market really being drive by the headlines a big question this squeak on the european bailout fund. 17 european countries are voting to overhaul the fund, so this is taking a while. the action to get control of the debt crisis is taking a while but so far so good. still, the worry is all right fund be enough to prevent the european debt problems from spreading and that uncertainty is the were why you are seeing another selloff today. >> okay, alison kosik, thanks so
9:56 am
much. next hour, herman cane, the latest gop presidential candidate to meet with donald trump. what the heck is he telling these candidates? we're america's natural gas
9:57 am
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9:59 am
nation now. big pitching matchup tonight in new york. the yankees' cc sabathia against detroit's justin verlander, between them, 43 wins a season. the late afternoon game, tampa bay at texas. the rays beat boston in the wildcard and may be fallout for the red sox epic collapse, may be reports that manager terry gran kona is on his way out, a meeting with management today. apparently, there were are problems in the clubhouse even when the sox were wing. francona may have had enough. he says even in the best of times, managing the red sox is a trying job. did he handle it well the last seven years two titles. somebody else who may be moving, lakers superstar kobe bryant agreed to play for a team in italy. says kobe may make $3 million to play in about ten games. that's nice. >> wow. >> bryant grew up in italy 'cause his dad played pro buell bawl there of course this deal is con at this point gent on the nba lockout continuing. it could be a make or break session this season.
10:00 am
look how san diegos chargers defensive lineman antonio garay pumped his ride, not enough a 340-pound man is squeeze nothing his smart car, it is a hello kitty drop top car. that is what he drives around town. i wish i had four hands to gift hello kitty drop top smartcar four thumbs up two will do. >> why hello kitty? >> actually a really funny guy, his way of having a laugh. >> i thought the lunch box was cool, takes it to a whole other level. thanks, jeff. this hour, we begin with the biggest blow to al qaeda since the killing of osama bin laden. and it maybe just as devastating to the terror group. yemen says that american-born muslim cleric anwar al alack ski dead. in recent months, he had been dubbed the new bin laden and the bin laden of the internet. the u.s. says he was a master at online recruiting, finding and motivating radicals to kill
10:01 am
americans around the world. al alack ski linked to a number of attacks, you may remember. u.s. officials say avenues a spiritual adviser to three of the 9/11 hijackers and he had communicated frequently with the american accused of the deadly shooting spree at fort hood. he is also linked to the so-called underwear bomber in 2009 and the attempted car bombing of times square last year. it is an extraordinary development and we have mobilized cnn correspondents around the world to cover the breaking story from the pentagon to istanbul, digging up all the details for you. begin our coverage with cnn's mohammad jam june, joins us live from istanbul, turkey. mo, exactly do we know about how he was killed? >> reporter: i have spoken to official officials who said he was in a motorcade and that was struck and he was killed. details are emerging, not just al awlaki who was kill but sam
10:02 am
mere kahn, known as one of the keys to the propaganda outfit to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen, coat editor of english language inspired, published online trying to recruit more members of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and know from yes, ma'am miniofficials he was killed in the strike as well, with anwar al awlaki, and others in that convoy as well, according to yemeni officials. this looks to be a big blow to the propaganda unit of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen. officials saying these are figure heads, people key to recruiting people to the most dangerous wing of al qaeda. al qaeda in the pen anyone sum la 700 members, most emboldened, active wing in yemen what this does to the network as a whole, we don't know yet but this is a big blow to their operation and propaganda apparatus. >> mohammed, quickly is yemen
10:03 am
taking full credit for this kill? >> reporter: yemen is not yet taking full credit for this kill and we have been told by yemeni government officials that this was a joint intelligence-gathering operation by yemen and the u.s. now, we are still trying to find out was this a drone strike? how much was the u.s. involved? u.s. officials not commenting on that's expect yet beyond saying anwar al awlaki has been killed but not surprising to find out that this were a drone strike and it would not be surprising to find out that the u.s. did participate in some watch right now, yemeni government officials only saying it was a joint intelligence-gathering operation on the part of the yemenis and u.s. officials. and again, right now not surprise, they have been involved in joint operations of this type of scale and magnitude in the past. >> got it. mohammed, thanks. in less than an hour, we are told the president is going to speak on this killing, comes a year and a half since president obama authorized the cia to
10:04 am
capture and kill al alackey. a remarkable and a unbless dented order to take out a u.s. citizen on for rip soil. dan loathian is at the white house. dan, we talked last hour. you kind of hear mohammed admitting that yemen is not taking full credit for. this the u.s. was involved. now the the question is how involved and what exactly did the u.s. do and are we going to find that out today? >> that's right. those are some of the questions we hope to hear from the white house today, as you pointed out. a seniored a minute station official telling me that it is likely that president obama will comment on the death of al awlaki this morning at this 11:00 event. it is for a change of office ceremony for the joint chiefs. the ceremony itself begins at 11:00 and i'm told the president will make his remarks 1591:306789 big outstanding questions, whether or not the u.s. was directly or indirectly involved in that operation. what i can say is not only this administration but the previous administration had been going after key targets inside yemeni.
10:05 am
there have been drone attacks. what we expect from the president today would be something along the lines of this is a positive day for the administration's efforts in going after terrorists but that this would only be a part of the overall effort, just one chapter, not the end of the story, kyra. >> dan lothian from the white house. get to cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. you have been trying to dig on this angle as well, barbara. you and very talked earlier. mum's the word from the cia. are you getting anything from anybody else about what exactly the u.s. did with regard to these two kills mohammed was telling us about? >> well, i think our colleague mohammed jam june's information from the yes, ma'am mennies that it is a joint init tell gems-sharing operation between the u.s. and yemen is very telling. you know, when administration officialser think morning were age to so quickly say that anwar al awlaki was dead, tough ask yourself, how would they know
10:06 am
that? oh did they have the dead body? did they have the dna? did they have the death photo. they knew it, by all accounts, because the u.s. intelligence community was involved in this strike on his convoy. the yemenis saying as much, saying joint intelligence sharinging operati inoperation that has that key technology, the drones, surveillance technology and very highly trained cia personnel and military special forces personnel, if it came to that that would be able to conduct such a targeting operation, keep the eye bums the target, watch him move into a convoy, watch that convoy move and essentially take the shot and be able to confirm that he was killed so quickly. that was are the clue. whatever the u.s. publicly says about it, i think that's are the thi -- that's really the thing to
10:07 am
watch. >> barb be bra starr at the pot it is important to state how important al awlaki was to the al qaedaing or tos. here is the frightening reality. he maybe more dangerous dead. one international security expert monitoring him for years believes his death could inspire and incite a whole new wave of militants. >> i think targeting al awlaki and killing him is going to add fuel to the fire. i think it it's going to completely marginalize those who agree his violent views now are wrong, want to know why this happened. >> nic robertson joining us from london. nic what do you think? >> reporter: certainly killing al alack ski going to diminish al qaeda's ability to raise funds through al qaeda and the arabian peninsula in yemen and reduce its ability to recruit people and it's going to -- definitely going to have an impact on them psychologically. when ever any senior al qaeda figure who is revered and we certainly know that al awlaki
10:08 am
was revered, i have spoken to his young support nears london, spent time in london preaching. people went to those talk session, they were inspired by him, we know that whenever an al qaeda figure of this type is targeted, that's going to cause some kind of reaction, but al qaeda's ability to sort of impose that reaction, if you will, on the rest of the world has been diminished over the past decade. no doubt there will be an effort at some kind of retaliation. perhaps the most dangerous thing about yemen right now is the fact that the bomb here made the underpants bomb, the -- abdulmutallab wore aboard the flight to detroit, christmas 2009, the bomb make here made the printer bombs destined to blow up over the united states last year is still on the loose, ebra he al-asiri, a very sophisticated, technically savvy bomb make we are access to very powerful explosives is still out there and that also presents a very significant threat for people taking up the challenge
10:09 am
of al awlaki's killing here, kyra. >> these can be the people that step in and take his place. nick robertson out of london, thanks so much v let's get to peter berg, national security analyst and resident expert on all things al qaeda. peter, you and i were talking earlier with regard to the recruitment now. i mean this guy was called the youtube jihadist. he was the one known to create all kinds of support via the internet, recruiting canned cannes need yans, recruiting americans, the fact these dead now, how is that going time pact the recruitment process for al qaeda? >> well also, sam mere kahn, the american editing this inspiring magazine that al qaeda and the arabian peninsula put out, something like six issues is also part of the propaganda operation killed, so i think it's a problem. there's less recruitment. but i would take a kind of skeptical view that al lack ski
10:10 am
going to be an important martyr going forward. osama bin laden, his orders of magnitude were more important than al awlaki and amount of reaction we have seen since bin laden's death has been very small. you know, the protests in pakistan, for instance, were you know, just a few hundred people. so you know, i -- i don't see that there's going to be massive protests. this guy, by the way, had absolutely no following anywhere in the muslim world or at large. we are talking about him because he spoke english and was recr t recruiting americans, brits and canadians, but he is a nonentity in the be a ran world, a nonentity in yemen, nonentity in pakistan or those with large muslim populations. he is unknown. i think a little perspective about this is kind of useful. >> peter berng, thanks for weighing in. damning testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor a key witness told him conrad murray told him to pack up drug vials before calling 911
10:11 am
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. . police in boca raton, florida show the rescue of 56-year-old boy pinned underneath this car wednesday morning when he tripped and fell in its path. officers and bystanders lifted the car and pulled him out.
10:14 am
by the is expected to make a full recovery. and georgia's ban on saggy pants is beginning to add up for the city's covers n nine months since the sag ban was instituted, the city has collected almost $4,000 in fines. more now own this morning's big story, the death of u.s.-born and radical muslim cleric anwar al awlaki. killed this morning in an air strike in northern yemen. president obama expected to talk about this death at the top of the hour but until then, let's talk once again with cnn national security contributor fran townsend, former homeland security adviser to former president george w. bush. she is live in new york. and i guess, fran, the most unique thing about talking to you is you met with president saleh. you specifically talked about this man with him. do you feel it ever went anywhere and what kind of impact now will the death of al awlaki
10:15 am
have oneh and the protest wers seeing in his country now? >> it never went anywhere. we pushed president saleh pretty hard, but at the time, he was in less dire need of u.s. political support within yemen. he felt it was important to extradite al alackey. he had connections to powerful tribes in yemen and sal lay was just unwilling. frustrating at the time. perfectly delighted at the success of the obama administration in terms of being able to target him. >> what kind of impact do you think this is going to have on what's happening now in yemen and surlt vival of its president? >> we have to be careful how much we attribute it to anwar al
10:16 am
awlaki. he is important for fund raising and significant but he didn't run the operational arm of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. peter bergen mentioned, as did nic robertson, al asear rib, the bombmaker, he is still out there they still have a technical operational capability and he has to be at the top of the list in yemen of those the americans and yemen nist want to target. i think it is weakened by the absence of al awlaki but a dangerous organization. >> fran town send, thanks. chilling testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor a jackson bodyguard says conrad murray told him to pack up drug vials before calling 911. we will have a live report from l.a. right after the the break. and herman cain, the latest gop candidate to meet with donald trump. so, what exactly is trump telling these candidates? our political panel weighs in. ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.
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10:19 am
chilling testimony against michael jackson's doctor, conrad mur ray. bodyguard says as jackson lay motionless, dr. murray directed him to pack up drugs before calling 911. prosecutors claim it's evidence that murray was trying to cover up his actions. don lemon is covering the trial. he is live outside the courthouse in l.a. don? >> reporter: yeah, kyra, that apparently happened after, after one of michael jackson's children tried to enter the room when that security guard came in and found dr. murray trying to revive michael jackson. listen. >> paris screamed out, "daddy." >> when you heard paris scream
10:20 am
out "daddy," was she crying? >> yes, sir. >> and was michael laying on the bed, palms up, looking slightly to the left at that time? >> yes, he was. >> would he have been actually looking slightly toward paris' location? >> yes, sir. >> so, this happened before they were supposedly packing up the bags were conrad murray told the security guard to pack up the bags and vials so he could get rid of it, according to the prosecution. and finally, finally after wasting time you can the 911 phone call. here it is. >> doctor, did you see what happened? we are on our watch we are on our way. i just dispatched paramedics to your location, sir. >> he is pumping the chest but he is not responding to
10:21 am
anything, sir. >> reporter: so, then, the family in the courtroom, kyra, they are having to relieve all of. this the family sitting there as they are playing those 911 tapes. you can see them, sitting right to my right, you could see them wincing and just moaning and wondering why so much time had wasted. why didn't someone call 911 sooner? and guess what, today, in court, two of the paramedics, the two paramedics who showed up first, they are going to testify and it is expected that they will say once they got there, michael jackson was flat lined, kyra, and there was no pulse. again, the prosecution indicating that michael jackson was already dead by the time they got on the scene and had no chances of being revived. >> don lemon live in l.a. for us at the trial. don, thanks. it seems just like everybody has a reality tv show these days. now, some mandelas maybe added to mix.
10:22 am
"showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer has the latest live from new york. tell us about it, a.j. >> didn't see that coming, did you, keira? want to scoot over housewives and play mates. the latest reality stars to get their up series are none other than nelson mandela's grand daughters. three of the south african icon's adult granddaughters are set to be part of a new series set to be seen in the united states as soon as january. in a different worlds colliding moment, the show came about after mandela's oldest granddaughter, 34, arranged a meeting with dr. robert rachel you may knee name because he is the plastic surgeon from the reality show "dr. 90210." he connected the women with his executive producer and a few months later, a show concept was born, following the trio, considered to be role models and supposed to show the reality of their personal and professional lives. all three were raised in boston, someone a wife and mothers, another a single mom, the third, a law school graduate starting her professional life.
10:23 am
i'm surprised there would be a reality show with the panel del last but nothing about reality tv surprise mess any more. >> who is next? it is an open field. la toya jackson coming out of retirement for her late brother, michael's, tribute concert next moment, right? >> "showbiz tonight" confirmed that la toya agreed to break her 20-year retirement from music to honor michael. the famous jackson sibling said to join an a-list lineup of the tribute, includes the black eyed peas, jamie foxx, christina aguilera part of this. here is what sea sh she says, speaking with my mother yesterday, she asks me where she thinks michael would rather have us be in this courtroom filled with negativity and lies or on a stage celebrating his music, his legacy and his life. and she said without a second of thought, celebrating his life with family and fans i'm looking forward to pumgt great show and make mike brother proud. janet, jermaine and randy have
10:24 am
chosen not to participate because the concert is taking place during the trial of dr. murray. keira, the forever michael tribute will take place any event in car div, wales, next saturday, october 8th. what is the inside scoop on the moore/kutcher household? >> i hope this is turning into good news it might be because it appears ashton coupler is doing his part to shutdown all these rumors flying around that he and demi are splitting up. it started a few days ago, "star" magazine alleging kutcher was up faithful and that led to them collapsing. he uses his twitter account, as he is wont to do he tweeted a link to his spotify account, playing the song "don't believe the hype" and tweeted the old line, when you assume to know that which you know nothing of, you make a blank out of you and me. now, a few days earlier, demi quoted a greek philosopher on her twitter account writing, when we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings and
10:25 am
then you will forget your anger. i don't know, is it all code, let the fans know it is just fine? are they buying time? hard to tell. we have reached out. we have no comment from them. and i'm loathe to be cynical. and i'm loathe to feed into this, keira. but somebody did point out to me, despite all the tweeting, there has been no denial. i hope everything is just fine. there you have t. >> it shall continue. thanks, aj. if you want information on everything breaking in entertainment world and twitter, aj's got it every night, "showbiz tonight," 11 p.m. on hln. well, bank of america going to charge a $5 monthly debit card fee. what do you think? could other banks follow the lead? we will have that story straight ahead. [ woman ] my grocery bill isn't wasteful spending.
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10:29 am
the in an air strike on his motorcade. he has been linked to three terror plot notice u.s. italian prosecutors in the amanda knox appeal are making rebuttals today. the jury is expected to get the case after final statements on monday. joint chiefs chair admiral mike mullin stepping down this morning. martin dempsey will take over the position after a ceremony at fort meyer, virginia. cnn contributor, will cane, pete dominic and maria cardona. first question, talking about this all morning, the death of the man called osama bin laden of the internet. so let's talk about anwar al awlaki and his death. what do you think? could it be a political boost for president obama? maria? >> well, the thing is, kyra, we are not running in 2004 this
10:30 am
isn't in 2004, where terrorism and foreign policy issues really trump economic issues. so, while i do think he will have a boost, i don't think it will actually do anything to change voters' minds about the other issues in terms of the economy. but i do think that it will take away a talking point, which is already weak to begin with from the gop presidential candidates when ever they have criticized this president on terrorism on foreign policy and it will also underscore for voters where they already trust this president and where they feel that he is a terrific commander in chief. >> will? >> kyra, you left out one adjective in your description of al qaeda, american citizen. the united states government murdered an american citizen without any battlefield i can tell. that must draw up the thinking skills of a guerilla. avenues bad guy, a terrorist,
10:31 am
now we have empowered the american president to murder our own steps based on subjective judgment of who is a bad guy. that doesn't give you hesitation, consider this, president donald trump, we should be asking new questions today about where is the war on terror and hoax act slit the ensnifrmt pete. first of all, i really seriously want to applaud what will cane just said, i totally agree with what he just said. does this help president obama's political -- listen this al awlaki, how many jobs he going to create? whoever builds predator drones, they have to build one more. but as maria just said, this is not the issue americans are worried about not worried about a terrorist attack from the al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, number 473 on the leadership list, they are worried about losing their jobs. that's what they are worried about and this doesn't change that for americans, kyra. >> let's talk politics then, rick perry, mitt romney, even sarah palin, who hasn't even declared yet, now herman cain meeting with donald trump what
10:32 am
do you think, symbolism, substance what is interest trump telling these candidates or all just about trump getting in the headlines? will? >> i find this embarrassing, kyra. it is certainly not about substance what is he advising them on, how to start a trade war with china? how to check the genealogy background of various american presidents? it is not about substance, can't be about substance that teams in is about trying to curry gave we are the, what, 14% or so idiots that polled donald trump into rel van. i bottom line find this incredibly embarrassing. >> maria? >> i think we are all going to agree with will this morning, could i not agree more about with will on that i think it is ridiculous, i don't yund stand the obsession with the gop candidates having to go kiss donald trump's ring. i just think it is bizarre unless he had ready to announce a top-secret reality show where the fact is he is going to be choosing the presidential nominee and not republican voters. who knows. >> pete?
10:33 am
>> donald trump is an arrogant jerk. mitt romney wouldn't even allow himself to have a picture taken with him. maybe there's some kind of apprentice/gop -- tea party edition coming this watch maybe begging donald trump not to endorse them. maybe they were begging donald trump not to mention their name or say anything else, but this is just -- it's silliness. donald trump shouldn't have any part of this conversation and they shouldn't be seen with him and they should be embarrassed. donald trump played with racist -- racism for a while, that whole birther thing, and anybody seen with anybody who thinks the presidentment is an american citizen should be embarrassed. >> i tell you what i don't know if it is the questions i picked or what's going on, but you guys are feisty today. i'm feeling really kind of negative here. maybe it is a lack of coffee, i don't know. here we go. i'm going to throw out one more. yes, yes, will? >> it is heavy, heavy topic. >> it's heavy stuff. okay. >> i'm being told in my ear that apparently mitt romney's next
10:34 am
meeting with gary busey because he came in third on "the apprentice." >> your buzzer-batter, 20 seconds each on this one, i can imagine what you are going to say now, chris christie shutting down the tax credit for jersey shore this week, so what's more difficult, running for president or facing off with snooki? will? >> i got to tell you it is so easy to make fun of snooki and so popular to make her out to be such a buffoon t almost makes me want to take the opposite approach, i don't know if is the contrarian in me or reflects what i think about everyone else. i think if chris kristi is doing away with taxed credits i know i'm getting serious again, love to send him to washington and get rid of them all. stare down snook kirk i hope he can stare down the monstrosity that is the tax code. >> maria? >> see, when i heard about this, kyra, they have a actually taking await tax credit for jersey shore that indicated to me that he was not running for president because how could you credibly run for president if you're about to alien nate the
10:35 am
huge juice head gorilla and first-pumping he had crowd, or the folks that love "jersey shore." he is not running. >> pete? >> i -- i don't know who snooki is. >> oh, you are such -- come on. >> such a liar. >> i was just -- i was -- i hate these reality shows. i hate them so much, they poison america. and if there were a predator drone that could metaphorically kill all these terrible reality shows that is one i would absolutely support. metaphorically. >> you know what's scary, you know what's scary, the ratings of those shows, guys. >> well, yeah. >> that's a reflection of america, my friends. >> we all need dessert. we all need dessert, kyra, pete. >> called nfl football, l. >> red vel set cake. >> have a good weekend, guys. >> okay. >> thank you. >> oh, boy. >> feisty friday with those guys. bank of america is announcing it is going to start charging customers a $5 a month
10:36 am
debit card fee. alison kosik, i should have thrown that at the political panel, i'm sure all three of them would have had something to say about that. >> you would see outrage across the board. document love it, to have it have access to your money, you're going to have to spend your money, right? what bank of america is doing is charge $5 a month if you use your debit card to buy something, doesn't matter when you get up to the checkout counter if you click credit, can't get around it still going to have to pay that fee. that is, unless, you use the card only through atms, then you won't pay the fee. now, several other banks are testing this out, wells fargo, at chase, but the difference here is that bank of america it is the first major backe to do this because some new regulations are kicking in this weekend. what's happening is banks can't charge retailers as much as they used to in fees so what they are doing making up for it somehow by sticking it to the consumer and this all starts next year. kyra? >> okay. alison, thanks.
10:37 am
herman cain moves up in a new poll but with county candidate for president raise enough money to take two on the friend in front of him? stay tuned. our political ticker is next. i couldn't conceive this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
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10:39 am
now more on the death of radical anwar al awlaki. maybe the biggest blow to the terror group since the killing of osama bin laden. yemen says the american-born muslim cleric was take out in yemen and recent months, some terror experts and much of the media dubbed him the new bin laden and bin laden of the internet. the u.s. says that he was a master at online recruiting, find thing and motivating new radicals to kill americans around the world. al lack ski linked to a number of attacks. u.s. officials say avenues
10:40 am
spiritual adviser to three of the 9/11 hijackers. and he had communicated frequently with the american accused of the deadly shooting spree spree at fort hood. he is also linked to so-called underwear bomber in 2009 and the attempted car bombing in times square last year. he had been on the radar for a decade, even before 9/11. during had times with cia and department of home land security, chad sweet got familiar with the radical cleric. he is now with the chertoff group, security advisory firm he co-founded. chad, i will get right to it. we have been talking so much about him and his background, but you know, the national security council and president obama told the cia it could target and take out al awlaki, this was more than a year ago. so what do you think, was this a cia/u.s. military coup? >> it definitely is a joint cia military success and the targets of a u.s. citizen, candidly is is not a surprise -- should not be a surprise to anyone.
10:41 am
we have had tremendous continuity, candidly, between both the obama administration and the bush administration, both presidents made it clear, someone decides to be belimp gent rent and commit treason against the united states, they will be killed. so president obama and president bush authorized this. not the first time we have had u.s. citizens targeted. we remember adam dagan on the hbt list, indicted by the fbi for treason, which we know under our laws and constitution is punishable by death so, what's taken place is we should celebrate is a success of continuity between both administrations. >> well, you have probably heard the criticism that's out there already. we just talked about it in our political buzz panel. will cain, on the conservative side said this is just disastrous rouse, how can we kill an american on foreign soil? you know, from a cia perspective, a military perspective, a security perspective what would with you
10:42 am
say to critics like that? >> i would say in the case of these individual yet evidence is unquestionable, they have actually -- self-admitted treasonness to the united states. these individual he is not only are self-admitted treason numbers on individuals against the united states but have the authorization of our congress as well for the use of force. so this is something that, again, both president bush and obama have had very clear toll poll cis on. they have made it openly known to the bell limp jer rents that happened should not be a surprise. >> chad sweet, great to have your perspective. thanks, chad. u belt. new poll puts herman cain a strong third in the republican white house race and more stories from to our political ticker, just ahead. also, the boston red sox
10:43 am
stunning collapse may lead to the manager's exit. we are going to talk more about that and tonight's playoff game with former pitching great john smoltz. what is that? it's you!
10:44 am
it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
10:45 am
>> guns, guns and more guns. these are young people. these steps represent them. we are losing a generation to violence. people go in the house and close their doors, they don't even talk about it. but there are some people who are not scared to go outside, and i'm one of them. my name is diane latiker. we opened a community center called kids off the block, known as k.o.b .. i tell people this is a peace place this is a safe place. >> i was really look. there >> leadership workshops.
10:46 am
preparation. music. it is a range of things that goes on. we open the doors to the new k.o.b. . cementer in july. last year served 301 people. they knock on that door, they can come n >> ms. diane, she done change hide life. i love her for that. >> i'm no different from nobody else. i just open up my door. why can't y'all come outside and see what's going on in our neighborhoods? there are people here who care and i'm one of them.
10:47 am
10:48 am
let's face it it's what every baseball newt smith talking about, the playoffs but there may be even more talk about the two teams that didn't get in. tbs sportscaster and former pitcher john smoltz working the playoffs. john, good to see you. >> good morning. >> all right. let's start with the red sox manager, shall we? terry francona may lose his job. you know, you pitched for this guy, players loved him that's what i'm told. what the heck happened? >> well, it's a -- you know there's going to be a lot of words that surround this scenario and i don't think they are accurate mainly because they lost their pitching staff, they had some injuries, weren't able to pitch consecutive games to where this team was built to win the championship there's no doubt. when you have an historic month like september and you cannot find any pitchers to go out
10:49 am
there and give you quality starts and because they were dealing with some injuries, it made it awfully tough on the offense, when you are dealing with the mental toughness of a breakdown like this at an historic point, it's tough to deal w and this has got to be one of the hardest thing that's boston red sox have ever had to deal with, mainly because there's so much attention around them with the yankees, the division and so much expected of them that nobody saw this coming and it really is an historic thing tough find a way to put away and not think about, but that's almost impossible. >> i don't know how you manage or -- either team, red sox or yankees when you have this constant, you know, rivalry going on. let's talk about the collapse of the braves now, shall we, an historic flop, to say the least. you pitched 20 seasons, right with that team? >> yeah. >> so, what do you think? could this haunt them and play mind games for seasons to come? >> well, you know, they say it doesn't kill you to make you stronger and i think for these young guys who had tonight
10:50 am
emergency starters who had, again to fill in for some injuries it is very difficult to manage a team when you lose two big cogs in your starting rotation as atlanta did. and the pressure of these young guys, i thought they did a remarkable job, to be honest with us, and the inability then to win some games down the stretch becomes the focus, but you're limited as a manager in what you can do and i think for atlanta's care and again, both cases, these teams were being chased by teams that got hot and got hot at the right time and you never want to be in the sentence of an historic collapse and you never want to deal with the way that your season ends, but think for atlanta, i think they are going to be okay because the young pitching that they have can learn some incredible lessons down the stretch. they just didn't have many options, when you think about losing hanson and yojuergens. >> i know tonight you will be watching sabathia and ver lander and maybe recap monday. what do you say?
10:51 am
>> absolutely. it is one of those must see tv games, the playoffs is great you have the two horses on the mound for these two teams, this is why they are where they are at and they need to ride those guys as hard as they can and a big, big game for cc. a lot of pressure on cc at home because he is going arguably against the guy who has had the greatest year in the last 20 or so years as the triple crown winner in ver lander. so i just can't wait, i'm excited. only other thing i wish i could do -- >> you wish you were there you wish you were on the mound. john, thanks so much to. great talking to you today. >> my pleasure. >> all right. well, a new poll put herman cain a strong third in the republican white house race, that and more stories from our political ticker, right after the break. [ tires screech ] ♪ oh, it was the first time i fell in love ♪ ♪ the first time i felt my heart ♪ [ man ] people say i'm forgetful. [ horn honking ] ♪ ...all through the night [ man ] maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. ♪
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stories making news lat latertoday. next hour in fort myer, virginia, the retirement ceremony for mike mull.gets under way, as he steps down as chairman of joint chiefs of staff and hillary clinton takes part in the dedication ceremony at the clinton presidential center. and later tonight, 7 p.m. eastern, providence, rhode island, first lady michelle obama speaks at a dnc-sponsored event. today's making their mark, urban camping, the legal way. check this out, san francisco's hate ashbury district. it's a twin bed in a parking spot. well, it's there, compliments of bennett austin, who feeds the meter to let homeless kids sleep. it is also pretty clever way around the city's law which forbids people silting or sleeping on sidewalks from morning until late evening. >> i think that instead of putting laws in place to push the problem away, we should be putting more efforts to changing it and coming up with a solution. >> well, bennett has also
10:55 am
collected about $700 in donations for a homeless youth shelter. he says so far, city police have been quite understanding. well, next hour in the cnn newsroom, day four of the cop rad murray trial. court starts at 11:45 a.m. we will take you there live. plus, an atm that delivers gold bars. it's coming up tomorrow. [ woman ] jogging stroller, you've been stuck in the garage, while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze.
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10:58 am
well, herman cain has been in the back of the gop white house pack but he may be making a move. mark preston here with that story. what do you think, mark? >> you know, kyra, something to be said that herman cain is reaching a pinnacle in his run for the presidential race. let start with the fact he one the iowa straw poll thatcality putted him on the national stage a week ago. after that, a fox poll came out this week showed him at 17%, which was within striking distance of the two from the runners, mitt romney and rick perry. now, he is going to be on the couch next to jay leno tonight for the tonight show. he meets with donald trump on monday, just as all the other candidates do and then next week as well, he is going to release his autobiographying. it's called "this is herman cain." so herman cain has certainly catapulted in the national spot life. the big question is had this had going to help him and does avenue real legitimate shot of
10:59 am
whipping the republican presidential nomination? i think tough say at this point he is still a very, very, very long shot to went nomination but certainly making some waves. kyra? >> follow the waves. ride them with him, i guess. tell us about these two debates, cnn debates, coming up out west? >> sure. you know there's been such a focus on the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire, of course, florida, where we -- cnn did a debate recently back in september but we are heading out west. first stop on the las vegas strip, hosting a debate with the western republican leadership conference. very important because nevada is going to be one of the four early voting states that will weigh in the presidential nominating contest. then when we head to december and december 1st going to be working with the arizona republican party. we are doing a debate in that state, which is going to hold their primary on february 28th. arizona and nevada, two important states that have been hit very hard by these hard economic times so, expect some of those issues to be discussed. kyra? >> thanks. your next polit


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